Criminal attorney, Julia Baginski is experienced in handling all types of violation cases and is available to assist you in St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River, and Okeechobee County if you’ve been arrested. Probation and house arrest violations (or VOPs) are especially sensitive for many reasons. Once charged with a probation violation, the individual must usually wait in jail until their case is over. The individual also will not have the right to a jury trial to determine whether a probation violation occurred. If a revocation hearing occurs, it will be in front of a judge, who will consider evidence in light of a lower burden of proof than beyond a reasonable doubt. Additionally, the maximum penalty for a VOP is the same as the underlying charge. For example, if a person is on probation for Possession of Cocaine, where the maximum term of imprisonment was five years, the maximum on a VOP is again five years. Violating probation with a new arrest can be especially complicated, and you should discuss this with the criminal attorney during a consultation. Call criminal attorney, Julia Baginski if you’ve been arrested or have a probation violation.